The Importance Of Jaw Mounting

The Importance Of Jaw Mounting

It has been approximately more than five billion years when world was created. Seventy percent circumference of this huge world is covered by water and remaining thirty percent is comprised of land, earth, forest, etc. As the portion of water is great as compared to other factors so it is obvious that the life or biological system residing inside that water is also in huge population as compared to land or forests. There is large number of animals whose habitat is water but they differ from one another on the basis of their compositions, characteristics, features and structure. In this article, we will be particularly reading about sharks and more specifically we will be analyzing the importance of jaw mounting.


Sharks belong to the family of fish which are composed of cartilaginous tissues instead of bones. Human beings have witnessed different species of sharks. However, some of the sharks have gone extinct as they could not cope with the changing environment and the growing competition among sea animals. The evidence of their survival was found by the fossils of their jaws and teeth. There are some latest or modern species of sharks as well like great white sharks, lemon sharks and many other.

Jaws of shark:

Jaws of shark are one of the most important parts of shark’s body. As sharks are carnivores so their jaws are quite large in size and are two in number. They have four set of teeth but their exact number cannot be counted as they keep falling and growing time and again. There can be some variation in jaws of different species of sharks according to their mode of survival.

Jaw mounting and its importance:

Jaw mounting is the process of preserving the jaws of shark. It is carried out in various steps. After cutting out the jaw along with teeth set from the flesh of shark, it is cleaned thoroughly. It is keenly checked that no flesh particles have left on jaw and teeth. Then the jaw is preserved by coating vinyl chloride on it. This chemical preserves the jaw for longer span of time and does not allow it to rot or get rusted.

It is very important to mount the jaws of shark as they are used for various purposes. The mounted jaws are used as the study of fossils. They are also placed as an exhibition in different museums. Moreover, they are saved as ornaments and jewelry items. These are some of the reasons that jaws of sharks are mounted.


One of the most important parts of shark body is its jaws and teeth. Sharks have two jaws and innumerable set of teeth. Jaws and teeth of sharks are used for various purposes which is why they must be mounted. Jaw mounting is the process of preserving the shark jaws for sale by the use of chemicals. The process of jaw mounting is carried out in various steps. “Shark jaw cleaning” offers the best services of jaw mounting.